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From the list below choose one of our FAQs topics, then select an FAQ to read. If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.


7. Delivery

5% under or over delivery is accepted. Bulk delivery as from 1000 pcs is free of charge to one address in Western Europe. Delivery directly from our manufacturing to your address, your client or your printing shop is possible. We will remain the consignee of the shipment and a third address will be the delivery address only. Now the customs will charge you your local VAT. This has to be accepted by you or your client. It will be refunded by your local tax-office.


8. Guarantee

1 year factory guarantee, this means if any complaints you will send the goods free to our warehouse without packing and accessories with a description of the complaint.

After our inspection we decide how to solve it:
sending the goods back for repair | replacement | credit note.

All freight charges for replacement/repair/resend will be charged to our debit.


9. Packaging & accessories

Our USB Flash Drives are packed in a polybag, extra charges for packing and accessories you will find at the website. References and packaging overview.


10. Payment

All Orders have to be payed 100% at order placement.


11. Logo files - requirements

All logo data must have the right form: CorelDraw 9, vector-data and one jpeg for each motive of Flash Drive or packaging. Also possible is Adobe illustrator file. Fonts must be converted to paths.
Please note, that a handling within 30 min. is free of charge. More detailes jobs must be payed by effort.


12. USB Flash Drives in custom Pantone?

colors Only a unique setup fee:
35,00 Euro/unique = Setup fee (>= 1000 units)
50,00 Euro/unique = Setup fee (< 1000 units)

We provide some USB sticks in custom Pantone? colors upon request. More information



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