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USB Flash Drive Solutions

Usb Flash Drive Printing

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All of our products can be easily printed. Logo size is dependent upon the respective space on the produce. We can provide you with a proof and the exact size of your logo in millimetres.

We require a vectorized file (*.eps, *.ai, *cdr, *.fh) from you.

Exact colour specifications (Pantone (PMS))


Usb Flash Drive - Laser Engraving

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What products can be engraved?
All of our products made of aluminium/metal/chrome can be easily engraved. Even 2-color laser engraving is available. This shows lightly and heavily engraved surfaces. We recommend printing for plastic products.

This is what we need from you:
We require a vectorized file (*.eps, *.ai, *cdr, *.fh) from you. Unfortunately, we cannot process any other data. We would be more than happy to check your existing formats for free. If you do not know who has this format in your company, please ask you marketing department or your advertising agency. They will definitely have your logo in this format.


Leather USB Flash Drive With Embossing

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Leather embossing
All of our leather bound USB Sticks are available with blind embossing. Blind embossing is "stamped" on the leather with heat - this process allows your logo to appear with edges. Thus, we are able to emboss "addresses" and smaller lettering on the leather.

What is embossing?
The names blind embossing or blind pressing actually come from book making. Fonts and motives are transparently embossed into leather with the aid of tools like stamps or plates.The stamps are heated up to a specific temperature (approx. 80-90 °C), whereby, maintaining this temperature is very important. If the stamp is too hot, then the leather can burn or even be completely separated. If the stamp is too cold, then the desired result is not attained. If the stamp has the right temperature, it is then evenly pressed on the pre-moistened leather. The heat and the moistened area give the embossing its dark colour. The colour and sharpness of the embossing are dependent on the print, temperature and tools used.

Stamps can be positively or negatively cut. Negative engraving is popular. It is when contour and background are pressed and the motive appears to stand out. A relief stamp offers a very detail-rich presentation that gives the print a three-dimensional look.

From book making to blind embossing on a USB stick. The technology is almost identical even today. So, embossing your logo on a leather bound USB stick is the perfect chance to luxuriously capture your logo.


USB Flash Drives In Custom Pantone Colors

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We provide some USB sticks in custom Pantone® colors upon request. Send us your PMS (Pantone® Matching System) color code for this. You will receive a USB stick that matches your company logo and/or corporate design.

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