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Shenzhen Supertempo Technology Co., Ltd - Company History

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Shenzhen Supertempo Technology Co., Ltd
Company History
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Company History

Our company initiates to know and cultivate market with advanced concepts and actions. We have owned a whole set of new operation concepts and management systems. We are guided by market, devoted to building a marketing network, and developing overseas market for internationalization.

At the beginning, we took "develop the best product, provide the best service, and create the best brand" as our commission. We have set up a R&D center. Our company is on the way to be professional, standardized and international.

For these years, we have established business ties with major electronic wholesalers and importers in Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia, USA and South East Asia.

We have attended many fairs in these nearest years.
1. CES Show, Booth NO.: 73962. Jan. 8-11, 2009. Las Vegas, USA.
2. Canton Fair Oct. 15-19 2008. Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.
3. CTIA wireless faire April 1-4 2008. Las Vegas, USA
4. China Sourcing Far: Electronics & Components (April 12-15, October 15-18, 2007); Hong Kong

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